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Imperative Energy Supports Haven’s ‘500 From 500 Campaign’ to Create a Real Haven in Haiti!

Imperative Energy Supports Haven’s ‘500 From 500 Campaign’ to Create a Real Haven in Haiti!

Imperative Energy supports Haven’s ‘500 from 500 Campaign’ to create a real haven in Haiti as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative







As part of our relentless efforts in being an ethical green business and our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative, Imperative Energy recently took part in the ‘500 from 500 Haven Campaign’. Haven, an Irish NGO working exclusively in Haiti, launched the project last year in a bid to raise funds for rebuilding the communities in a small Haitian Island that was destroyed due to Hurricane Sandy in 2012.

The aim behind this innovative fundraising campaign was simple, to encourage the Top 500 Irish Companies to take part and raise €500, in which 100% of the donations go straight to rebuilding and upgrading the damaged houses in the Haiti’s local community of Île-à-Vache, giving 500 families a safe and secure home by the end of the campaign. Haven Founder and Chairman Leslie Buckley said, ‘It is a great testament to these Irish companies to show their generosity by getting involved in 500 from 500. Each donation means so much to the people of Haiti and will have a direct impact on providing the basic conditions to build a better future in Île-à-Vache’.

Since Havens inception in 2009, the charity has reconstructed, repaired and upgraded over 2,300 homes, facilitated the professional training of over 64,000 people and provided water and sanitation services to over 88,000 Haitians. Haven has been working on the Haitian island of Île-à-Vache since 2011 concentrating mainly on community development, sanitation programmes and housing improvements. In 2013, they undertook an extensive research on the small island to find out that there was a critical need of upgrading shelters for over 90% of the locals living in the community.

In result, Imperative Energy’s CEO Joe O’Carroll received a certificate award and a kind letter in return for our CSR efforts. ‘A Big Thank You to Imperative Energy Limited and Joe O’Carroll for their contribution towards our work in Haiti as it has helped finance the renovation of this home in Haiti. This house is home to Melisena and her family. Melisena, as well as all of us at Haven, is very grateful of Imperative Energy Limited supporting the €500 from 500 Campaign’.

Some of the other Top 500 Companies in Ireland that took part in the campaign included, Dublin Airport Authority, KPMG, National College of Ireland (NCI) and Eircom. Haven is an Irish NGO working solely to build sustainable communities in Haiti where it facilitates the provision of adequate water and sanitation, shelter and training solutions for vulnerable Haitians. Haiti, which in recent years has suffered from an earthquake and hurricane, remains the poorest country in the western hemisphere. To find out more on how you can help by donating to this great cause, please visit Haven at http://www.havenpartnership.com for further information.


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