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Imperative Energy Ltd (IEL) offers two primary product/service packages:

Energy Supply Contract (ESCO): a long-term energy supply contract under which IEL covers design, fuel supply, equipment supply, finance, installation, operation and maintenance, and the client is invoiced for metered energy use on a monthly basis at a pre-agreed index-linked price.  The ESCO model is an ideal low risk option for clients as IEL bears all of the capital cost and operational responsibility for the biomass system (including fuel delivery, ash removal and boiler maintenance).

System Supply & Install (Equipment / Fuel Only): clients can choose to cover the capital cost of the biomass system themselves, in which case IEL completes a straightforward Supply & Install.  This offer can be linked to a long-term service/maintenance and fuel supply contract of wood chip or wood pellets from IEL.

IEL supplies a complete range of leading biomass boiler products, ranging from 30kW to 6MW for typical commercial/public sector clients, and anything up to 25MW and more in the industrial sector for applications covering Heat, Steam and Combined Heat and Power (CHP).

In all cases, IEL will conduct a Feasibility Study to analyse the client’s energy requirements and then design an installation that meets the majority of those requirements through biomass as efficiently and effectively as possible.

We provide a complete Operations & Maintenance Service with guaranteed SLAs.  We stock a supply of key spare parts within the country to ensure rapid response and resolution times to technical faults.  A standby oil or gas boiler is also maintained to meet peak demands and to provide backup.

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